The Right direction


I never liked my hair. It didn’t matter how good my cut or my color was. I was never truly happy. The truth of it was. I just hated my hair! I’ve always had fine, curly hair. Of course we don’t like what we have, so I would straighten my hair and do looser curls just to show off how sheer my hair was. I would see this same frustration in the faces of some of my clients. I would hear “ I know there isn’t much you can do...I guess just more layers for volume?” That was never the answer.

Let’s face it—long full hair is attractive. When we feel good about ourselves, it shows. It shows in our relationships, work life, and overall mood and attitude. For years, I have longed for that confidence. I found it with Nbr extensions. After wearing them for a year I knew I had the answer for my clients. I see such an amazing transformation with this service. I can’t promise to save you from all hair troubles ever again, but I know I can lead you in the right direction.