If you can't find it, make it!


I’ve been in the salon industry using salon care products for over 20 yrs. seeing brands and products come and go. I would fall in love with a product and then it would be discontinued Or ingredients would change compromising the products abilities. Finding products that did all that I wanted them to were becoming more and more challenging...

I found a company in California that promised they could help me create my dream line. Products that were sustainable, clean of junk and that worked! Last year I tested a number of formulations before I chose the right ones. After a week long trip to laguna beach California. I was filled with all the good Cali beach vibes that helped me name my products. In October of 2018 I went to visit that magic lab in the canyons of southern Cali where it all happened. So when you spray beach please and good vibes I hope you can close your eyes and picture yourself in the sun by the crashing waves like I do when I use these products. Our Sb black label. Argan shampoo conditioner, mask and liquid gold are the dream team for extensions and keratin treated hair. 99% of my clientele receive these services. This is for you! Our so good line is a miracle bath for normal and color treated hair. Hair goals smoother and hair perfecter and diva dust texture and volume powder are a dynamic duo in achieving picture perfect locks. Last but not least our texture spray has been impossible to keep on the shelves. It’s crazy good. A little pease of my heart is in each and everyone of these product and the rest is still back at that beach in Cali where it all started.